Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fashion Honey

Seriously Offended!!
by Epiphany

I have to say I am not usually offended by people who break the rules of fashion. But when they blatantly and proudly parade this craziness for all to see - I must speak out. I understand that many people cannot afford to buy a lot of clothes, and it is certainly comprehensible if one can buy a minimum amount of separates and rotate them perfectly, leaving the viewing public fairly clueless. But to wear the same exact and I repeat the same exact outfit everyday is unacceptable. Even if you have twenty copies of it and a 24 hour dry cleaner.

It was very frustrating to pass a seemingly nice lady everyday for one year straight and watch her in her madness and then one day she just changed her clothes. I had plotted a major fashion intervention many times over in my mind and was elated to see her change, unfortunately, that only lasted a week. Life was almost back to normal (if you call that normal) when someone else caught this wild disease and displayed it before me. So now, I just don't know what to say really... except I hope it is not an epidemic.

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