Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fashion Honey

Is Metallic the new Black?
by Epiph

What has our society come too? It seems something wonderful and ohh...so shiny! Everywhere you turn, people are dressing to impress -- themselves that is. To explore and display the true Diva inside.

Like running wild and barefoot in a field of fresh daisies, fashion has flip-flopped in a good way. No longer are there mass dictations on what to wear and when to wear it. "Regular" people are wearing rhinestones and sequins to the office; the once very chic black has been replaced by bold vibrant hues that scream "Bonjour, Darling!" and wake us from our boring lives. Don't get me wrong, not everyone can pull off these looks, and some have even been downright scary and in desparate need of fashion intervention...ok digressing, but for the most part fashion has changed. The business has changed, the wearers have changed and society has changed.

A friend of mine (designer) commented recently, that fashion has become much more of a business rather than an unreachable commodity. Now, it is all about selling to every aspect of the market. Everywhere you turn a new - younger and hipper - designer emerges with the must have favorite. Older designers are catering to every age group and celebrity lines are multiplying like rabbits.

But with all this abundance of choice and no one putting us to shame for wearing jeans to a formal wedding, are we doomed to become a public who has no respect for appropriate dress? Is it that no one cares because everyone is making money? Are we too selfish for being comfortable or being fabulous everyday? Will this state of fashion freedom be written into our history books? Or will people get tired of thinking about what to wear and welcome the shiny jumpsuits in our sci-fi minds? I guess for now I may never know; I will just have to sit back and enjoy it. Welcoming the fashion escape like an old friend, indulging it like an oddball neighbor and humoring it like a clueless alien. So for those who dare to wear...KUDOS 'cause I just can't do it!!

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