Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Bee Hive: What's Buzzing Around Your Head?

Should You Change To Get a Mate?
by Ambrosia

Internet articles, Advice Columns, “Self Help” Books and run of the mill Talk Shows all claim to know what you need to do to get a mate. They all start out by saying, ‘All women want…., All men want…’ I have been compelled by the Truth Fairy to tell you, Just Be Yourself! Not every man or woman is the same.

A man could enjoy collecting Barbies but can be straight as an arrow. A woman can find herself bungie jumping one weekend and sky diving the next. None of us are very predictable, and if you are, maybe it’s because you are sitting in a box society has meticulously designed for you. Boys don’t have to wear blues and girls don’t have to wear pinks no matter what you saw in your nursery.

You can be a heather grey jogging suit wearing, Big Mac eating, table top toe nail clipping, movie talker. Or a self-centered, diamond tiara donning, serial manicuring, money burning shoe hunter and there will be someone out there who will love this about you. We are full of variations, like the fishies in the sea. If you see the need to change, then by all means make changes but not to get a mate. Change for yourself.

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